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Heterodyne Waves are being used across the UK and Europe  by NEXRAD systems when they radiate out certain frequency pulses. You can watch these pulses of energy being broadcast outward from the NEXRAD balls positioned at military bases and airports and the NEXRD systems towers in their thousands across continents. The waves are frequencies that create artificial atmospheric conditions that stir up lots of extreme, severe weather like we are seeing NOW.

The weather is being heavily manipulated to actually make storms worse this is not man made Climate Change, it is weather warfare on a global scale.


Not only are we feeling the effects of solar magnetic s and shifting frequencies in the atmosphere but we are also feeling the effects in our bodies too, nausea, headaches, dizziness, loss of appetite, insomnia, ear infection caused by microwave bursts, our environment is being deliberately saturated in electronic smog to cause harm and to create extreme weather events.

The damaging effect to the human body by radio waves will result if the waves are intense enough to heat up the body. The extreme example is what happens to meat put in a microwave oven. If a person’s body is immersed in a strong radio-wave field the electrons and ions in the body try to oscillate in unison with the radio-waves, this means energy is extracted from the radio wave and converted to tiny oscillatory motions of electrically-charged components of the body. The more the motion, the higher the body temperature.

For those people living close to or in range of the targeted wave pulses from these devices then there is potential for symptoms of over exposure and the potential to bring about disease to the body, making the person both physically and mentally ill, some scientific studies indicate that depression and anxiety can be induced from over exposure to electronic smog.



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