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What is Orgone energy?

Orgone energy is another name for life force Chi-Energy or Prana the energy that permeates the body creating the aura.

Wilhelm ReichOrgone energy was discovered by Dr Wilhelm Reich, the discovery was really another aspect of universal aether plus Reich’s invention of tools and mechanisms to intensify and make the energies available to the public for various uses.

Orgone is the universal life force (prana, chi. Ki) which is found freely in nature, sacred sites around the world are reported to have a healthier vibe and also living near the oceans where there is an abundance of Orgone energy that has not been energetically corrupted or polluted.

The beneficial effects of Orgone energy are well documented, described as a massless, omnipresent medium for electromagnetic and gravitational phenomena, a Luminiferous aether from which all matter arises. It is in constant motion, is attracted to itself and “contradicts” the law of entropy. It forms units that are the foci of creative activity, whether bions, clouds and galaxies, causing spontaneous generation of living organisms out of non-living matter. It can be accumulated in an insulated Faraday cage called an “orgone accumulator” or directed by a cloudbuster.

Orgone energy is quite literally divine energy, the pre-atomic energy from which our universe is made.

Orgone energy of consciousness

Nikola Tesla understood the workings of the universe and during his lifetime he demonstrated his genius with a multitude of inventions that changed our lives, some for the better and some for the worse.

Today 2016 our atmosphere is increasingly becoming saturated in harmful man made radiations which has having a significant negative impact on our well being and our environment and it is important that the general public at large are made aware of these facts so that the necessary actions can be taken.

The Climate Changed website has been developed specifically to promote the use of Orgone energy as a method of helping to restore our atmosphere and to help combat global geoengineering and we believe that if enough people become involved in our global cause and enough units are built, then globally, everyone will benefit from the increase in natural Orgone energy to help neutralize the harmful effects of today’s electronic smog.

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