Dry organic materials

Wilhelm Reich listed sheep wool as an ideal organic material in his ‘Orgone Accumulator Handbook’, and this material is readily available as roofing insulation in most UK DIY stores, named Earthwool. It’s affordable and very easy to work with and it comes in ready made 50mm thick rolls making deployment clean and easy, and its shape facilitates even layers and promotes airflow.

Many alternatives are available such as wood/bark chippings, cotton wool balls can be found easily, and in worst case scenarios paper can be used. Though it is better to use natural paper if possible, rather than bleached. Basically any organic material that is in it’s natural state with as little processing as possible.


50mm Knauf Earthwool Loft Insulation Roll (9.00m2)

by Knauf Classic insulation rolls [KNAUF]
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Supply Me Beauty - Cotton Wool Balls Small (500) - ECOET9000P by Bombay Collections

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Wool Stuffing/Locks By the Pound - Natural - 1 Pound

by Organic Cotton Plus [Organic Cotton Plus]
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DUKAL Cotton Roll

by Dukal [GB Industrial Direct]
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J Arthur Bower's Bark Chips 50L 189674 SALE

by J Arthur [J Arthur]
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