240 volt air blower/fan

bouncy castle blowerAnother performance characteristic of the chem-cannons is air flow. A higher flow rate (approx. 300m3/hr or higher) promotes the creation of vortices both within the orgone generation materials and the accumulation chamber. A high flowrate also increases the strength of the orgone vortices emitted from the device.

There are a number of solutions available, we have found that the most powerful and readily available is a bouncy castle blower. Although new units retail at around £75, a second hand unit can generally be found on eBay or similar sites for between £15-25.

If there are no second hand units available, a reasonably priced and powerful unit can be purchased from Amazon, here.

Bathroom extractor fans are compact, quieter and more readily available, though less effective overall.


VenTech IF4 4” Inline Duct Fan 190 CFM

by VenTech [VenTech]
Rank/Rating: 53869/-
Price: $69.26

Airflow AVENTA 100T 100mm In-Line Timer Fan

by Airflow [Airflow]
Rank/Rating: 23547/-
Price: £37.24

Ram Inline Duct Fan - 100Mm - 277M/Hr With 2M Uk Iec Power Lead

by RAM [Rapid Air Movement]
Rank/Rating: -/-
Price: -

Suncourt Inc. DB204-CRD 4 Inch In-Line Duct Fan with Cord

by Suncourt [Suncourt Inc]
Rank/Rating: 434305/-
Price: $34.94

Manrose CFD200TN In Line Extractor Fan with Timer (for 4"/100mm duct)

by Manrose [Manrose]
Rank/Rating: 36511/-
Price: £37.30

Vortex 347 CFM S Line S-600 Fan, 6"

by Vortex [Vortex]
Rank/Rating: 10595/-
Price: $144.47

Quality Kitchen Ceiling Extractor Fan 100mm Standard aRid

by Airroxy [airRoxy]
Rank/Rating: 1114274/-
Price: -